A walk in the history of Norway 🇳🇴

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Today it was a bit difficult to wake up 😊 .  

Now I'm out for a walk. It's raining today but not cold.

 Now I'm drinking a glass of sparkling water and I needed it. Today is my last night her, I don't have any plans yet for tonight.  

Maybe cinema? Or a movie in bed. I don't know yet. 

For now I will enjoy a walk around in the city.  

Let's see what the day brings 🙂 

The statue on the picture is located in the heart of the city.

 It's Henrik Wergeland, he was a composer  and Norwegian writer. His statue was raised here in 1881.  

It was unveiled on 17.  

Of May 1881, Norwegian Constitution Day. 

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone #peaceandlove ✌🏽

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06.08.2017 kl.14:37

I love your outfit!

Sabrina Jensen

06.08.2017 kl.14:57

^_^ Torgunn:

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