Barcelona Spain

First I want to apologize to you my readers. For staying a few days without posting.
I was remembering my incredible trips. Some that I intend to return, I just do not have plans yet.
Because I have priority of trips to other wonderful places that I would love to go to. Before I do again my''around the world and back'' And you guys have no idea which experience I decided to share with you this time.
                    Welcome to Barcelona!

Barcelona is a beautiful place, with incredible arcitectures. Nice people, delicious food at good prices. I only spent 3 nights there, but it was enough to enjoy a lot. I went to beautiful tourist attractions. For example, one of the greatest works yet to be completed. But that will always be one of Bacelona's best postcards.

La sagrada Familia.
Is a large Catholic temple in the Catalan city of Barcelona (Spain), designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaud. The project was started in 1882 and assumed by Gaud in 1883. The construction was suspended in 1936 due to the Spanish Civil War. And the completion is not estimated before 2026.
Arc de triomf. You feel as if you've been leaving the world of Narnia. The Arc de Triomphe. Is a monument located at the confluence between the tours of Llus Companys, San Juan and the round of San Pedro in Barcelona. It was designed by the architect Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas as the main entrance to the universal exhibition of 1888. The monument was restored in 1989.
Port cable car.
From the cable car you can see all Barcelona and several of its most representative places, such as Plaza de Catalunya, Barcelona Cathedral, La Sagrada Familia, cruise ships docked at the Port of Barcelona, the Olympic Village of Barcelona, Torre Agbar the beach etc. It is amazing. Port cable car is the main transport of tourist that connects the Port of Barcelona with the mountain of Montjuc. It is one of the cable cars built on the occasion of the International Exhibition of Barcelona in 1929, the work of the architect Carles Bugas. And it was inaugurated in 1931.
Park gell.
Is a very beautiful place with people from all over the world.
I met several Brazilians, and we danced to live songs being played in the middle of the park.
I saw several types of dancers, and you could see the joy in the face of each and everyone that passed by. And the most amazing fact is that the park was also designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi. Incredible. Park gell It is a public park with gardens situated in the upper part of the city of Barcelona architectural elements. It was designed by the architect Antoni Gaud, the greatest exponent of Catalan modernism, commissioned by the businessman Eusebi Gell. Built between 1900 and 1914, it was opened as a public park in 1926.  

La Boqueria
A huge market were you can find everything. Everyone who goes to Barcelona, should take a time to visit it.
I cound?t not resist to the delicious juices, and fruits. The juices were very tasty. It seemed like you were taking the whole fruit.
I love mango juice, and I can assure you that it was some of the best juice I've ever tasted. I can?t forget to mention the fruits.
The strawberries were the fruit that most impressed me with the size, color and flavor. They were huge, tasty and irresistable. The best, I can say. There you can find both tourists and local people.
I loved it. La Boqueria It is a large public market in the Ciudad Vieja district of Barcelona and one of the main tourist landmarks of the city, with an entrance to La Rambla, not far from the Liceu, the opera house of Barcelona. The market has a very diverse selection of goods. It was not until 1826 that the market was legally recognized, and a convention held in 1835 decided to build an official structure. Construction began on March 19, 1840 under the direction of architect Mas Vil. The market was officially opened the same year, but plans for the building were modified many times.
The inauguration of the structure finally took place in 1853. A new fish market opened in 1911, and the metal roof that still exists today was built in 1914.

La fuente magica de montjuic.
A show of waters fountains and lights, following the rhythms of music. And a very quiet romantic and beautiful place to see.
You go during the day, and stay there until the evening waiting for the show of lights. It was an incredible experience for me.
It was the first time I saw the snow falling at the end of the show. I will never forget. I want to return to Barcelona to witness this wonderful show again.

Barcelona is definitely wonderful. With its architectures scattered throughout the city, and street artists are brilliant.
I could write so much more. But I'll let you go and see it .

Welcome to Barcelona 

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Dale Barca 

Enjoying the night

Stavanger people ✌🏽

Rubi Jensen

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I decided to go shopping for the weekend.
It?s an incredible promo going on.
Promotions they have all year, but as they have today is too much.
I Love it. Tomorrow I have a meeting with friends to celebrate the birthday of one of them.
With salsa, reggaeton somewhere in center of Stavanger. Then Stavanger and around blogger.
I'll see you there on Friday night.
Today the day dawned sunny, but like is typical, after a few hours the weather became cloudy.
No rain and no sun. Today I want to publish some photos of my works.
#rubijensen is a manicure, pedicure shop.
The store was opened in 2011 in Brazil before I moved to Norway.
So I had to close the store for reasons of distance. And in Norway I decided to keep my talent as a nail designer.
I do not have a store.
Only virtual, for now. You can know more by searching for my Facebook page Rubi Jensen.
Hope you like it. Follow me on my blogg, so I can keep posting and be inspiring every day more and more.
Leave your like, your comment, follow me.
So I have more reason to write. #peaceandlove everyone.
And tomorrow I will post about the night out in Stavanger center.

Sunset 🌅

The sunset 🌅 yesterday at Sande beach Randaberg!
Today is raining a little. So I decide to be home. Maybe later I will go somewhere. I will keep in touch 😘

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Sande Beach Randaberg 🇳🇴

Today I went for a walk in the local mountain ( Randaberg fjellet). It is located just outside the city center.

Is not a high mountain but you can have an incredible view from the top. It was a very good walk with a perfect sunset ending on Sande beach!   

Have a wonderful night everyone 😘😘

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Randaberg Stavanger


I just want to say that I'm in Stavanger Randaberg now. Is a nice sunny day with a very good temperature. Soon I will post some more about it. Have a nice evening everyone #peaceandlove #followme #sabrinaclarajensen


Vigeland' Park slo-mo Oslo

Thx Oslo ✌🏽🇳🇴


Thank you Oslo✌🏽 
The day today was beautiful. Sunny day. A perfect weather for a picnic. But unfortunately I must make my way back to Stavanger. It was an amazing weekend and a very good experience. Norway is a beautiful country with a lot of good things to offer. I hope to come back soon and enjoy again with you all this experiences. Not only in Oslo, but around Norway 🇳🇴 #peaceandlove #followme #sabrinaclarajensen #instagram 



Obrigado Oslo ✌🏽
O dia de hoje foi lindo. Dia ensolarado. Um clima perfeito para um picnic. Mas, infelizmente, devo fazer o meu caminho de volta para Stavanger. Foi um final de semana incrvel e uma experincia muito boa. A Noruega um pas lindo com muitas boas coisas  para se oferecer. Espero voltar em breve e dividir  novamente com vocs todas essas experincias. No s em Oslo, mas em torno da Noruega 🇳🇴 #paz&amor ✌🏽

Around the city ✌🏽🇳🇴

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Now I'm in the hotel after an amazing day of walk in Norwegian history and the beauty around. I have been everywhere today but I become enchanted with a special place the "Vigeland Sculpture Park". Oh my gosh! it's amazing and beautiful.  

I never saw anything like it before. The Vigeland Park is the world's largest sculpture park made by a single artist, Gustav Vigeland's lifework with more than 200 sculptures. 
Now I'm ready to make my way back home to Stavanger.

With a very thankful heart.  I wish that you guys have enjoy with me, all this amazing experience in Oslo! Make a trip to Oslo. You must see it with your own eyes. 
Now is bed time for me!  

Good night and peace & love to everyone ✌🏽  


A walk in the history of Norway 🇳🇴

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Today it was a bit difficult to wake up 😊 .  

Now I'm out for a walk. It's raining today but not cold.

 Now I'm drinking a glass of sparkling water and I needed it. Today is my last night her, I don't have any plans yet for tonight.  

Maybe cinema? Or a movie in bed. I don't know yet. 

For now I will enjoy a walk around in the city.  

Let's see what the day brings 🙂 

The statue on the picture is located in the heart of the city.

 It's Henrik Wergeland, he was a composer  and Norwegian writer. His statue was raised here in 1881.  

It was unveiled on 17.  

Of May 1881, Norwegian Constitution Day. 

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone #peaceandlove ✌🏽

Skl Oslo ^_^

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Skl Oslo!  

I found a very nice place to be "Sir Winston's Public House"  

Is a very nice place and many people that come and go.  


Om my way!

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Halla ^_^   A personal question.

I'm ready for party after dinner ^_^ in Oslo city. I don't know much where I can go. So if anyone has a good place. where I can go? Thx if yes! #peaceabdlove people. And I wish you guys enjoy so much as me ✌🏽

A short trip to Sweden 🇸🇪

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Halla! ✌🏽

First of all. I would like to explain to my readers why I write in English. The reason is simple. I have readers from different places in the world so it's better to keep writing in English. I hope it is ok for you guys 😄✌🏽 

So, as I wrote in the last post. Yesterday I arrived in Oslo very tired 😴. I arrived in the hotel check-in and got my room, took a shower and went to bed. The hotel is very central. It is located in "Dronningensgate". I saw many people in the main walking road. In the bars, nightclubs etc. Party Party 🎉. For a moment I had a feeling of going out and enjoy the night. But when I saw the bed I could not resist it . I slept like a rock.
Today I woke up 08:30 am, ate breakfast. It was a bit early, and raining a bit so I decided to make a short trip to Sweden. It takes 50 min. by car. 
Oh my God! The price of meat is very low compared to the Norwegian ones. I bought some meat there. Specially a Brazilian one called picanha. I felt myself very happy 😊 because it is not so easy with a good price to find picanha in Norway. And as a good Brazilian I love a BBQ on Sundays. If you like to try to find picanha, and you can not travel to Sweden to buy it, just look for "Coulotte" in Norway.  
Now I'm back to Oslo, so now it's time for a shower, dinner and party. Have a great Saturday everyone 
#peaceandlove Sabrina ✌🏽

Oslo Norway

Oslo next ✌😄

I'm m on my way to Oslo today.

I have been there many times before, but I din't had the chance to know more about the Norwegian capital. Because i was there always just for a day. Now I'm going for a weekend. So if somebody could share with me some experience, some nice places to have fun I will be very thankful 😊.

Last time I was in Oslo was in Juli 2017. But just for a day, enough for go and see the (Slottet) the royal family castle. For me it doesn't look like a castle. But more like the White House 😊.

I wish you guys a very nice weekend ✌

Ibiza Spain

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                           Sant Antoni de Portmany Ibiza

In 2011 I had the pleasure of knowing one of my dream islands, Ibiza.
It was a stunning moment. I were blown away by the beauty of that place.
At the time I was there it was not so warm, it was like 17. degrees, but people are still enjoying the beaches.
I was there in May the exact date I don?t remember. I just remember that It was wonderful.
I had the pleasure to know several nice places. Some of them was Capone and Eden two of many amazing nightclubs.
The Dj's could make mummies dance 🙂. I had never seen so many people together, friendly and from a lot of different places.
The restaurants with their tasty and local foods with an excellent price. The people was very friendly and passionate at that place. But I fully understand why.
I also fell in love with that wonderful place, with crystal clear waters, white sands with the green of the palms around, the fresh air and the best of everything. The best cold beer ever. I wish I had stayed a bit longer in Saint Antoni. I loved it and I'm already planning to come back, but this time in the summer.


Troms Norway

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Troms is a beautiful city in the north of Norway. With a beautiful and dazzling landscapes.
This photo is from the top of the mountain (fjellheisen). You can reach the top by walking it takes about 40 min. Or in the cable car it takes 04min.
 In the fully licensed (Fjellstua) restaurant, you can enjoy a delicious dinner based on local products or select light meals from the coffee menu while enjoying the view.
Fjellheisen was built in 1961 by the brothers Jakobsen?s Rederi.
 Fjellheisen is the most popular tourist destination in Troms. There you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of Troms, with a virtually endless spectacle of islands, fjords, mountains and sea.
 And best of all is that you can witness the best nature postcards with wonderful spectacles both in summer and in winter.
In the summer you can have the experience of the longest day that exist.
 That's because of the midnight sun (Midnattssol). An incredible spectacle of nature.
 For those who love fishing, and like a big dispute, there is the halibut. An incredible and slightly frightening challenge between the human and a fish that can weigh 350 kilos.
 In winter we can witness the most beautiful and incredible show of lights in the sky.
The Northern Light (Aurora Borealis)  a wonderful show that words or pictures can?t describe.
 There is also the whale safari, an incredible feeling to get so close to the whales. So if you are planning some amazing holidays, and waiting for some new experiences welcome to Troms

Cumbuco Ceara Braszil

My Ceara 

That is my home place Cumbuco. An old fishing village, that today is one of the best spot place for water sports. There you can kitesurf, windsurf and surf. We have a beautiful beach, sand dunes and natural fresh water lakes. It's a small village with so many nice and friendly people and of course there you can find the best restaurant with the best food at a good price. It takes like  30 min from the internatinal airport Fortaleza. (Fortaleza) is the Capital of Ceara. heart

Stavanger Norway

Today i will talk about Stavanger Domkirken

Stavanger is located in the area Rogaland in the south-west  of Norway. The history of the city is long the cathedral in the middle of Stavanger (Domkirken) dates back to 1100s. The cathedral today is one of the sights in Stavanger. No, it is not  Big as Notre Dame in Paris, the Duomo in Milan or other cathedrals in the big European cities. It is a small intimate cathedral and the most unique thing is that it is built in both roman and gothic style. In 1272 a terrible town fire stuck Stavanger. The cathedral was also damaged and when rebuilding it, a new choir in the east end and a new armory in the west were added. Stavanger Cathedral is the oldest of the Norwegian cathedrals that still are in use. During almost 900 years there has been celebrated services, and the Cathedral has kept lots of it medieval characteristics. This is a unique church space both in local and national correlation. So just make your next trip to Stavanger and you will see alot more.

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Sabrina Jensen

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